Our Mission

To increase the quality and efficiency of collaboration between homeowners and businesses to solve everyday issues at a level previously unimaginable. The universally accessible Jules SAAS platform optimizes synergy and information-sharing through a property-centric, intelligent database leading to unprecedented savings of both time and money. Homeowners can now effectively manage their home lives and reach a new peace of mind, while companies scale their business to new heights.


Kent Godfrey

CEO & Founder

Kent has been a tech entrepreneur for over 35 years. Prior to Jules, Kent was a succesful VC at Pond Ventures after serving as the CEO of Andromedia and Frictionless. 

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Andrei Dunca


Andrei was the Co-Founder and CTO for 6 years at Liverail, a monetization platform for video publishers. Liverail was purchased by Facebook in 2014, where Andrei spent an additional 4 years.

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Michael Coke


Michael is also the Co-Founder of Terreno Realty Corporation which invests in industrial real estate across the United States. Previously Michael was the CFO and Executive VP of AMB Property Corporation (now Prologis).

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Shami Patel


Mr. Patel has over 25 years in financial services and extensive experience in the fintech space. Currently, Mr. Patel serves as the Managing Director at Cohen & Company and FinTech Acquisition Corp III. 

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