About Jules & HomeIQ

Fundamentally change the way busy families manage life in the home, leading to a level of order, organization, economic efficiency and peace of mind previously not possible.


HomeIQ was founded by Kent Godfrey in May 2016 and received initial funding of $2M by a group of private investors. Kent and the founding engineering team all worked together at Liverail (acquired by Facebook, August 2014).

Jules, powered by HomeIQ, is the only online service to provide homeowners (and the businesses that support their homes) a broad set of online digital capabilities never before available.

Each unique Jules service leverages a large repository of information about the home, the property stored in the home, and the personal information of its residents.

Homeowners use this data in their daily lives and can selectively share it with others – from maintenance crews and repair professionals, to insurance brokers and real estate agents. Mobile access to all this information empowers homeowners to spend less time dealing with the drudgery of managing their personal

lives, and allows service companies to grow their businesses more profitably.

With Jules, Homeowner as well as the residential eco-system benefit from a new approach to home life management.


HomeIQ is led by a team of successful entrepreneurs and technology mavens who also happen to be formerly frustrated homeowners.
Contact us at info@homeiqinc.com

Kent Godfrey

Founder and CEO at HomeIQ

Kent founded HomeIQ in May 2016 based on a vision he developed over many years trying to apply technology in every imaginable way to making the tasks of managing life optimally efficient.

Andrei Dunca

Board Member and Senior Technical Advisor

Andrei was the Chief Technology Officer of LiveRail, an online advertising company he co-founded in 2007. In that role, Andrei coordinated the design and implementation of LiveRail’s technology stack, products and infrastructure.

Michael A. Coke

Independent Director

Michael is also the co-founder of Terreno Realty Corporation which invests in industrial real estate across the United States. Previously, Michael was the CFO and Executive VP of AMB Property Corporation (now Prologis).

Shami Patel

Independent Director

Shami is also a Managing Director at Cohen & Company Asset Management and FinTech Acquisition Corp III. Shami previously was a Board Member and Chair of the Audit Committee for Fintech Acquisition Corp and Fintech Acquisition Corp II.