Jules – White Glove Service

Early Access – Available NOW!

What is the Jules – White Glove Service?
In short it provides Homeowners who simply don’t have the time or the inclination to log the initial set of home and property information Jules Needs to begin delivering time and money saving benefits, a quick start alternative to doing it yourself.  In other words, get going with using Jules right away.

How does it work?
The Homeowner sends email to lisa@homeiqinc.com that you want the WG team to come log your information.  We will contact you to schedule the visit to your home by our White Glove team.  We then send in one or two White Glove Technicians to your home to image capture the information you want entered.  All the back-end processing of these images is done by the same technicians in our office.

How long does it take?
Between 45 minutes and 90 minutes based on the amount of initial information you want us to enter.

Who are the White Glove technicians?
Thoroughly trained Local college kids interning with HomeIQ for the summer and the fall managed by Lisa Parker.  You will likely recognize them or at least know many people who know them.  All local.

What does it cost?
$179 flat fee.  This Beta version only price is heavily discounted below our cost.  For this price we will log all Home Data (information specific to your physical home like appliances, plumbing fixtures, garage door openers, etc.) and all your personal property data (Information specific to all your personal property like cars, electronics, Art, Jewelry, etc.)

Why are we doing this?
Even though we have made the data logging feature of Jules super easy and fun, there’s still no escaping the fact it will take some time to complete.  We expect the average homeowner to need two hours or less to log the initial set of information into Jules cloud Database.  Utilizing the White Glove team you can instantly move to using Jules and realizing its many benefits.  We benefit from homeowners getting going sooner in Beta testing Jules to help our Beta testing process get off to a quick start.