How it Works
It’s not an accident that insurance is confusing.
Ensure that you have the right insurance coverages.

Check your insurance policies to be sure you have the right insurance coverages before disaster strikes. Keeping a comprehensive and accurate home record is important to maximize insurance claim benefits. When the unexpected happens, anticipate what your share of the recovery costs will likely be.

Gain insight just by entering your policy info. Discover coverage gaps.

Compare the value of your assets with your property coverage limits.

Protect your home with quick access to shut-off valve locations and emergency plans.

Hello, Real Estate Agents.
When time is money, Jules saves you both.

Professional photos and staging can help you sell a house, but how about offering buyers something more? Give them the gift of an online inventory for all information pertaining to the home.

Log all appliances and systems to make sure the home disclosure is accurate.

Properly position the home by accurately providing distinguishing details to get top dollar.

Utilize service pros that have a history servicing the home the day the new owner moves in.

Hey homeowners,
Bring order to your home and personal life.

Let Jules carry the burden and stress of managing your home. Log your home information, personal property and personal information so that tasks can be done quickly and efficiently. Access your information anytime using our highly secure, cloud-based service. All while on the go!

Create a digital record of everything in your home. Just in case.

Store important information safely in the cloud. Accessible from anywhere, 24/7.

Securely share select information with service pros or family members.