You got it
but do you get it?

It’s not an accident that insurance is confusing.
Ensure that you have the right insurance coverages.

Check your insurance policies to be sure you have the right insurance coverages before disaster strikes. Keeping a comprehensive and accurate home record is important to maximize insurance claim benefits. When the unexpected happens, anticipate what your share of the recovery costs will likely be.

Gain insight just by entering your policy info. Discover coverage gaps.

Compare the value of your assets with your property coverage limits.

Protect your home with quick access to shut-off valve locations and emergency plans.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, be prepared with Jules.

Be confident in knowing what to do in case of emergency at home. Save important documents to the cloud for quick access after a disaster. Prove the value of any damaged or lost assets with a detailed online home inventory. Be prepared and get some peace of mind!



“Working with Jules made us realize we needed to increase our insurance coverages to include all that we collected over the years such as sports memorabilia, designer shoes and handbags. Nice save Jules!”

Scott and Deb D.