Purpose of the Jules Blog

The Jules blog is intended for homeowners feeling stress and anxiety as a result of leading big, busy and complicated lives.  In this blog we will tackle many of the issues homeowners experience that ultimately lead to these feelings in your lives at home.  In many cases we describe how Jules, powered by HomeIQ can help.  In other cases we simply add to what Jules does through personal experience and research.  As you progress in life, achieving success, building families, accumulating possessions, experiences and memories, you should be feeling ever increasing happiness and satisfaction.  You should not be feeling increasing stress and anxiety, nor should you ever be asking yourself “is this success really all worth it?”.  Life is never always smooth sailing all the time.  Let’s face it, stuff happens!  Overall, Jules’ goal is to minimize the negative impact of stuff happening in life at home, both in lost time and financially.  Jules applies automation technology in an intuitive and simple to use manner to address as many of life’s challenges as possible.  We recognize some things cannot be solved by technology alone.  This blog is our attempt to augment what Jules can do using technology, with case studies, experiences and research.  We hope you find it useful.