Terms Definitions

Nickname: The nickname of your item is simply the most likely name you would use to recall that item in the future. The nickname becomes very important in instances where you have more than one of the same item in which the nickname helps to distinguish between the items.

Tags: Tags are used to help identify the content you have taken a photo of in your mobile app. When you snap a photo of an item you will have the option to add tags to that photo – which we highly recommend. Think of a tag as a sticky note you put on a photo to remind yourself of the content in the photo that must be put into Jules. In other words, the reason you took the photo.

Configurator: The configurator tells Jules everything it needs to know about a property and its contents that you have identified. The configurator will ask you to describe your home information, your personal property, as well as your personal information.

Worklist: Jules creates your worklist based on the information you entered into the configurator to help guide you through the process of logging your most critical information in an orderly and efficient manner. The worklist is dynamic in that at any point in time it consists of all the items that are currently missing data and therefore what Jules deems to be incomplete. You have the ability to tell Jules if you have already entered all of the data that you are going to for a specific item which would take the item off of your worklist manually once and for all. Otherwise, items will drop from the current worklist as they get completed. Each property you add to your Jules account will generate its own worklist separate from the other properties.

Item Library: The item library is home to all of the information you have logged using Jules. This includes any item, service professional, insurance document, etc. that you have added to Jules. The item library has two navigational features that make finding the information you seek quick and easy. First is the search tool which lets you find a specific item based on keywords. The second feature is the filtering tool that lets you drill down hierarchically based on categories, locations, or the worklist.

White Glove Team: A well-trained team of Jules experts who are here to help log and process your data when you simply don’t have the time. The homeowner can have the White Glove technician log the information inside the home or simply process the images you take yourself, or both. The local service is based on White Glove technicians available in your area.

Parcel #: While not commonly used, the parcel # is a designated sequence of numbers used by the property registrar for legal purposes.

Digital Life Access and Control: Digital life access and control is a category in the item library that contains any online access information or digital services information. URLs, usernames, and passwords to all of your important online services along with account details of each service.

Personal Services: Home and personal services is a category in the item library that contains service professional information that you have logged with Jules. This includes any service professional from an electrician to auto mechanic or other service professional you have identified.

Home Information: The home information category contains information describing the property you have identified. This information includes general property information, the rooms and spaces located in the property, outdoor items, service professionals and insurance information relating to the property including all structures identified. You will be asked to describe these items during the registration and configuration process of a property.

Personal Property: The personal property category contains your physical assets that you have logged into Jules that are not considered part of the property – real estate. These items include vehicles, art, jewelry, electronics, and other high value items. You will be asked to describe these items during the configuration process of a property.

Personal Information: The personal information category contains descriptive aspects of yourself and your family members. This record includes wills, trust documents, family member names and identification information, pets, as well as life insurance details, and much more. You will be asked to describe these items during the configuration process of a property and then complete logging the details afterwards.

Structure: A structure is any free-standing building located on the property you have identified. A structure will have room and spaces that you will be asked to describe in the configurator.

Rooms: A room is any typical room such as living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, etc.

Spaces: A space is an area like a hallway, entryway, basement (unfinished and not containing classical rooms), attic, crawl space. Any space not clearly a room where there will be items located you intend to log in Jules.

Sharing: Sharing allows you to share information about items you have logged in your account with anyone who has an email address or allows other Jules users to share their logged information with you!