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Insurance Analysis
Logged my insurance info in Jules and realized I hadn’t updated my home coverages (dwelling replacement costs) in 20 years leaving me grossly underinsured.
Richard I.
I wish that Jules had been available last year! We lost our home in the 2017 Napa Fire. Identifying and justifying all of the items destroyed in order to get the full insurance coverage required weeks of work and back-and-forth with the insurance adjuster. We probably didn’t get everything that we were entitled to. All of this information with photo substantiation would have been available in Jules!
Bob A.
Do you know the details of your car insurance coverages for driving the school trip carpool? I showed up to drive the carpool to a school sports event and needed car insurance coverage details that I didn’t know offhand. Luckily, all the info I needed was securely logged in Jules and available on the go!
Diana G.
Real Estate
The sprinkler system in our house sprung a slow leak. Using Jules, I was able to locate the original installer of the system and they came out and fixed it for free. Saved us quite a bit of money (not to mention water damage). Thanks Jules!
Kenny W.
Logging a home in Jules can turn up incorrect appliance details listed by the seller. Seller disclosed a gas generator but the Jules Crew discovered it was a sophisticated solar generator which was an expensive asset.
Amy J.
We received Jules and an electronic home record with the purchase of our new home. The previous owner was able to transfer it to us when we created a Jules account and it retained all the prior service pro contacts. Now I know who to call for any repairs!
Jessica W.
Home life
Jules is a life saver when trying to manage our second home. So easy to use and now we have all the appliance and personal property info logged in case of theft or storm damage.
Jeff P.
Jules offers several layers of protection for important personal information. Safer than keeping ID photos in my phone’s photo library. I can securely retrieve driver’s license numbers, passport numbers, and even the date of my kid’s last tetanus shot all while on the go!
Lisa P.
Logging all my home service contacts and even my financial service contacts gives me comfort because I know my spouse will have all the information she needs in an emergency. No need to rummage through my desk looking for business cards!
David G.