White-glove Service
Jules frees up time and money for you to do the things you want at home, but don’t want to lift a finger to get your information loaded? Jules offers a White-glove service to get you started immediately! Our White-glove service costs $279 and includes a home visit from the Jules Crew who will take photos of your items and perform the data logging for you.
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White-glove FAQs

What is the Jules White-glove service?
Our White-glove service helps new Jules users get started by sending members of the Jules Crew to their homes to log data on their behalf. Our professional and polite staff will meticulously assist you in the onboarding process so that you can quickly move on to using the Jules service.

How does it work?
On arrival, our Jules Crew will discuss your needs and which items in your home you would like to log. You can sit back and relax while our staff logs data on your home and personal property. Or if you prefer, you can walk around the house with them to point out items to be logged. Jules Crew will take photos of the items, including nameplates with the make/model/serial number. They will also gather information such as purchase price, date of installation, and the name of the service professional. They will log as much or as little data as you want. Once the home visit is complete, you’ll have a digital home record at your fingertips.

What is the price for the Jules White-glove service?
A Jules White-glove home service visit has a flat fee of $279 to create the digital home record and personal property record. Payment can be made by check or you can use a credit card through PayPal.

How do I schedule a home visit?
To schedule a visit, send an email to info@homeiqinc.com to let us know you want to set up an appointment. A visit from Jules Crew can be done anytime during the day, from 9 am to 7 pm, Monday thru Saturday. When sending an email, please provide your home address and contact phone number. You can reach us the same way if you need to cancel or reschedule a visit.

How long will the visit take?
The amount of time required for a White-glove service visit depends on how much data you want our Jules Crew to log. It can last as little an hour, or if you have a lot of items to log, it can take a few hours.

What should I prepare for the Jules Crew?
To make the most of the White-glove service, you need to do a few things ahead of time. Decide what items you want to log – whether it’s major appliances like your dishwasher or refrigerator, or personal property like your cars or personal computers. It’s a good idea to have the Jules Crew log the items that are harder for you to access, like a water heater or pool/spa control system. You should collect your business cards or contact list of all the companies and technicians that service your home so we can log them. You should also locate any documents you want logged such as insurance policies, car titles, or purchase receipts, and have them available. Do you have jewelry or art appraisals? We can log those too! Finally, the Jules Crew will need WiFi access to load the data to your account once it is created, so please have your WiFi guest password available.

How do I decide what data I want logged?
Generally speaking, the more data logged, the more personalized services Jules can provide. You can chose any amount of data to be logged. You might decide to focus on the appliances in your home that require regular maintenance, or all of your insured personal property. You might want to record all the paint colors in your home. Or you might want to provide all your insurance documents so Jules can help you better understand your coverages. If you’re not sure about what to log, our staff can talk with you on the day of the visit, or you can email us at info@homeiqinc.com.

My HVAC is in the attic, will the Jules Crew go up there?
Yes! Please make sure you can provide access to areas of your home such as an attic or crawl space so our staff can log hard to reach items. You might need to get your ladder out!

What happens to the logged data? Is it secure?
All data logged is encrypted and stored on a secure server using the highest level of security.

Who can access the data once it’s logged?
No one can access the data except you and the people you authorize, such as your spouse or family members.